Protective STRAP SLEEVE for Handbag Straps in 4 sizes ( 4 per set)

  • $5.95

Great protection for your Handbags strap when stored. These soft poly plastic STRAP SLEEVE come in a 50 inch length and are easy to use when the strap is on or off the purse.

Measure the length of your strap and cut your Strap Sleeve to length.

For straps off the purse, just slide the strap in.

If the strap is on the purse and has a buckle, just unbuckle the strap slide the Strap Sleeve all up one side then re-buckle the strap and pull the Strap Sleeve down over the rest of the strap.

Transparent 4 mil poly tube sleeve.

Available in 4 sizes - 1 inch - 1.5 inch - 2 inch - 2.5 inch

4  Sleeves Per Set

Try them they work !

No purses or straps are for sale they are shown as examples of product use.